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Complaints to LivingSocial didn't do any good either. The February course came and went - and Reece's Christmas gift had become useless as the expiry date of the voucher had since passed. Reece received no experience and no refund, despite the promise on LivingSocial's website. It's a promise that has let other customers down too. Elizabeth Ludlow bought a voucher for a 'thrill-seekers' speedboat ride in December as a present for her son who was due to emigrate to New Zealand.

As the voucher stated it was valid through until June 11th , she assumed it could be redeemed straight away. Instead, he got a nasty surprise: when he went to book his ride, he was told they didn't even start until March, but which time he'd have left the country. Elizabeth has now waited three months for a refund and for LivingSocial to resolve the issue, and her son has since emigrated.

She, like other customers with similar experiences, wants to know why Vouchers are sold, redeemed and fulfilled exactly as advertised. The remainder comprises customers who have changed their minds and obtain a refund, difficulties with supply by the retailer, or other problems with fulfilment. For all purchases, kgbdeals ensures it provides all customers with service and protection in line with consumer law.

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We act on their behalf in resolving any issues with retailers, and we stand by our no quibble customer service. This additional support is welcomed by our customers and we are justifiably proud of our standards and service. Of course, sometimes resolution can take longer than it should, and we are working tirelessly to improve our service standards to be the best in class. Headquarters

Regarding the two cases you have shared with us, had the customers bought direct from the suppliers at full retail price, our additional service and protection would not have been available. We believe the peace of mind offered by our daily deals service is a powerful reason for its success, in addition to the very good value for money. They have now informed us they are satisfied with the resolution of the problem, and told us they will use kgbdeals again.

Mr Tribe first contacted us on the 9th January and we replied the next day. His case was more complex and it took longer to resolve due to a technical error with our database logging, but I am satisfied our customer service team did everything they could to stay in touch with Mr Tribe and sort out the issues with the supplier. The problems with the purchase have been resolved and he too has told us he would use kgbdeals again.

We want to make it clear to all our current guests of all of our branches and of any potential guests, that we have a very generous refund policy and allow guests to cancel reservations at any point and promise that they will receive a full refund. We have offered the guest a complimentary stay with us at any of our branches for a full weekend of their choosing. We can only be thankful that this is not a regular occurance and we will continue to do our utmost to ensure that our high level of customer service remains.

He wanted to lecture me on reading their terms which is refunds up to 3 days after purchase Purchases LivingSocial. I am so damn annoyed. I ordered a hair straightening brush on Dec. I am on hold with Livingsocial now going on 20 minutes, they are telling me they have to refund it - I asked why they can't contact the merchant to have it shipped and they said they can't.

No valid reason why. It is such a trap. Living social not friendly to local merchants LivingSocial. At every turn there is something wrong like my facebook page name had to match my business name, so I changed that. Then it was my facebook page didn't have enough reviews, so I contacted all of my clients and had them write a review. So thinking I had everything I needed I again applied.

I was denied again because there excuse was that they had an over abundance of massage adds. Do not advertise with this company! BookATailor refuses to correct a customer service issue LivingSocial. When I came to pick up my order after three weeks of production and shipping from Thailand one of the shirts had a major defect.

It had to be reworked and I asked for it to be shipped to me locally after fixing, since the error was caused by Book A Tailor. Products that BookATailor offers may look like a good value on the surface, however do not waste your time since the defects are quite frequent and there will not be any customer service after your Sold invalid Dallas Cowboys game tickets by living social LivingSocial. Arrived at will call only to be told the voucher was not honored and is not valid.

They only honor ticket master tickets. After an hour if back and forth with them I was advised to contact living social as the would not honor the voucher provided by living social. They wasted my time, ruined my entire day and was closed when I called from the stadium to speak with someone Tidewater bros moving company LivingSocial.

They did a great job and were very helpful. Power Duct Cleaning LivingSocial. They would schedule me and then cancel me 1 day prior to the scheduled date. Then apologize stating they had the person call out? I know things happens, life happens, but to be rescheduled for the same reason over and over? As a consumer i think 3 chances is good enough, even giving the 4th chance as being much generous. This company should not even be in business, if they cant handle the work load being promised. Manicure and pedicure LivingSocial.

I received these services as a gift. My daughters were horrified and didn't know this place. My services were so poorly done that a 10 year old could have done it better. I called the owner, Debbie, and had to leave a message as to how u satisfied I was and she never bothered or probably cared to call me back. The nail polish must have been old because Fter sitting under the driver for 10 minutes and a 20 minute ride home, all of my nails and toes were tacky and messed up.

I went on a Friday and there was no one Multi Cooker LivingSocial. Purchasing going along smoothly on line until Redemption Code was given it started with a capital I i which I duly entered! Does not match Product was the reply. I called Living Social. Try again! Still does not match product. Called helpline, always engaged I notice Kambrook have brought out a Man Cave Basics LivingSocial.

The Wine Glasses were terrible. The etching on the glasses looked nothing like the photo. I had planned on giving them as a gift for a wedding shower. I bought something else. I AM going to give them to the friend that I had them made for I've told her I've got an awful gift for you I did contact Man Cave Basics The workers came in a regular vehicle not a company one. When i returned they were very clingy and unprofessional, i saw him grab the girls behind. Unless you want to pay for streaked windows and a show i suggest using your money in a better more serious company. The cruise dates were completely mistimed because the cherry blossoms were only going to be out for 1 of the 3 possible weekends.

Therefore, I waited to redeem my voucher until the week before the last cherry blossom tour understandably so because 1.

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I wanted to make sure the weather was good for a cruise. But when I went to redeem my tickets, the link wouldn't work, saying there were no available cruises. So now I can't go on the Not receive my items!!! Spend euro on that!!! Never ordered there again!!!! People don't buy there items!!!! When I first started using LivingSocial LS I didn't like it at all purchasing items was a pain in the way you had to check out and then go, I believe to the vendor to get your deal.

I contacted LS about this and they listened to what I had to say. I was not a big fan and would not have recommended it at the time but I kept receiving LS emails good thing and would see occasional deals but nothing that wowed me. Well that has all changed for me now!! The models were pladstoc with no working light or sounds. Costumes were interesting of characters but whole exhibit took 10 mis tops to tour. Bridge was very small and captain's chair looked like out of car! Coupon not Honored LivingSocial.

They add policies not seen in the fine print. I got a coupon and scheduled an appointment. They said the carpet technician would come between 3 and 5. He came at 3. I kept updating the technician on the time line and I spoke to him at 3. I reached exactly at 3. I kept calling him and Living social customer service and salento restaraunt swansea LivingSocial. Restaurant too busy to accept voucher so they agreed to extend validity. Now unable to contact restaurant as I believe they have changed owners and possibly gone out of business.

Living Social no help as voucher validity has expired. Now unable to get deal or any money back. Very unhappy. Spa Gift Certificate Appointment for girl friend was a no show from spa. I will not be doing any more business through Living Social Social. Bekhair LivingSocial. Was exactly what you'd say if you saw the mess Rebecca made of my hair color. I had gone to Rebecca 4 or 5 times for color touch ups on my long medium blonde hair. She didn't notice at that point.

She went through the entire color process allowing the color to fully setstill didn't notice. Finally when she rinsed my hair she realized that she had grabbed the wrong tube Beats by Dr dre studio headphones LivingSocial. They sent me a beats by dr dre Monster headphones instead. I opened the box and to my surprise it turned out to be a fake one.

It is very easy to find out if it is a fake or real. Just open YouTube and search for unpacking of beats by dre monster headphones video. There are no logos of monster present on the headphones or plugs which connect headphones to phone and all the accessories. I don't know how how long they have been in business, but man they are trying to fool people around. On top Carpet cleaning done LivingSocial.

The cleaning is done very good and professionally, satisfied with the service. I would like to have the pdf document from social living that "Mr. Thanks Dimri Ashakumari Yogendraprasad More Poor Customer Service - Support staff argued with me over something that was not my fault LivingSocial. I entered the address which I always use for delivery when ordering things over the internet. The terms and conditions of the purchase stipulate 6 - 8 weeks to delivery.

When I did not receive my order after 8 weeks, I rang the help line on 10th October. Didn't get through the first time. The second time, the staff who answered the call, Victor, checked that the delivery address was correct and assured me that it will be handled within 5 business days - it Horrible quality LivingSocial. They aren't even certified they don't fit in the Apple charger the cord pulled out of the connector. I used this only a handful of times. Horrible quality and misleading. I want my money back. I can't find the business name or I would be emailing them also.

NO knuckle at all. Photos can be provided. It seems that if the merchant does not fulfill their side of the bargain and the if the wait for service goes over the expiry date then living social just pocket the cash! Help Request LivingSocial. I purchase the deal on 10th Sept but until today which is 9th October , I still did not received any goods or even apologize email. I try to call the customer service, but the line is always busy. After that, I try to email to them. Time to replied a mail for living social support team is very slow.

The conversation with them until they agreed to refund it take around 2 weeks time and in total they only replied 3 mail. Email 1 25 Sept They LivingSocial case LivingSocial. Refund made at 2 Sept ,until total Living Social postpone and postpone my refund ,their excuses are " pending due to Finance team is currently waiting for the higher management for approval" When can I get back my money? Nobody will give me a correct time!! Melinda Ho More FrisherPrice Portable rocker LivingSocial. Try to call the Service Center for many times no ppl pick up the call.

Lina told me "U call again Fraud business and failed to refune LivingSocial. Just simply take down the order and norm will check and let you know later. After few hour than one operator informed supplier do not have any stock. Refund department from Living social will call ad just closed the phone call. Has been 3 days but didn't receive any feedback from Living social. Case Living Until now i did not get my item. Every time I call the customer service will tell me they are not sure when they can deliver the item. My order number is I spoke several customer service and all them are rude,not friendly and refuse to help the customer.

I spoke to the Team Leader name Bharathi she refuse to acknowledge my complaint or to take any further action. All she ask me to wait for the item. When I ask for her ID she refuse to give me. She said any complaint can only make The savings through Living Social were zero. Appointment failed LivingSocial. But when I reach there and phone Ms. Kimberly, she switch off the hand phone and I phone and email about half an hour there is no reply.

What can living social help. My voucher No. I had call Living social and Isan answer me and tell me Kimberly will call me but is already one week there is no news.

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Livingsocial Illegal card charging LivingSocial. When I reported to customer services they kept telling me it was outside of their refund policy to issue a refund. If you have an account with them my advice is that you delete your credit card information from their website. Delete your account with livingsocial. And certainly not what an airline or hotel does to you, like change you room or change your flight s.

I was amused by one of the list of things they say they do for their customers:. I think it's fair to say that most complaints posted about all third party sellers fall into the category of "surprises. Reviews and Complaints

And Bargain Late says that no matter how unhappy you are with the trip, you can't possibly get the full amount you paid pack unless "everything goes wrong" and you get NO benefit from it. And they, and pretty much all such reselling agents, at least reveal the truth that anything can change, right up to the time you board the flight. But as you recognized you don't know who you're flying with until you pay. And just who would you ask for money from if things went wrong? Not the airline.

They received no money from you. Not Bargain - you didn't pay them, either. Social Living?

Help Centre

Confirming bookings isn't their responsibility. They're just a sort of Groupon, and when you redeem your "voucher," your contract with them is completed. Where will you be if, after you pay, you are told it will cost more? Or the room you were to get isn't available, and what is will cost more? And think. Is it reasonably to presume that you can get the same trip that you would get if you checked around and booked rooms and flights yourself, but it will be dramatically cheaper from a third party who has to have some part of the price to keep for themselves AND a coupon seller can get a piece, too?

But go ahead. Do your own research.

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Search "bargain late holidays reviews. Given where you live, I'd stick to a Ryanair deal. If that goes wrong you can pop round and see them. Wondering if Groupon have the information of whole package from this deal? I am very disappointed, will not recommend for any of my friends about this kind deals, I bought other deals and have not problem but this was the worst experience ever and we will have to cancel our holidays as have been increased double of the price that suppose to be, Groupon should be aware about the whole packages, included flights and changing.

Thank you so much for sharing this feedback. As reading the small print, and thinking this is too good a price to have no hidden extras - decided to come here and check out other peoples experience. Your feedback on your actual experience has saved a lot of stress, that can be caused when taking up such a misleading deal! Too good to be true deals, often are! Thanks again. What a disappointment that they take no responsibility!!! admin