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Dread the day Maggie retires. Normally I will pay whatever it takes to get a good quality haircut, but based on the reviews of this place I decided to give it a go. I'm a little hesitant to go to cheaper places because I have a short, sort of difficult cut. Maggie was perfect.

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She was friendly, funny, fast but very precise. She knew exactly what my hair needed!

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I have been coming this salon for years having all my color and cuts performed by Dino with incredible results. I love my hair and I love the care and attention he takes with me and my hair always. I wouldn't miss the service or style I receive at Zitos from him for any other salon around and I've tried others in the past with extremely inconsistent results. I would definitely recommend this place and have all my friends.

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I always go here even though I moved further North. Their prices are awsome and I am always happy with the professionalism and quality. Then I looked online and this place got great reviews so I gave it a try I'm so glad I did!

The look of this place might draw you back, and also with their tacky sign outside their place. He is always soooo sweet and he's amazing with hair! He's an older Italian New Yorker with a lot of sass but he is a real sweetheart and he says the funniest things all the time So I walked into this place the other day for a trim and I must admit, the low price caught my eye.

Told the receptionist what I wanted and she directed me to the seat of a Hispanic woman can't exactly remember her name. Once I sat in her seat I told that I wanted to just trim the back of my hair I was going for an angled bob look and did not want to cut the front since this is supposed to be longer. I was pretty sure I made myself very clear since I've had a few bad haircuts in the past. She assured me she knew what she was doing. After the first cut, I knew it was going to be bad. She did exactly what I told her NOT to do. I stopped her after the first cut to tell her that wasn't what I wanted and she completely ignored me.

This woman just did whatever she wanted to do. She did not listen to me at all. I ended up with a regular bob where the front was the same length as the back : I was very upset. She tried to convince me that she gave me what I wanted and said that if I bent by head completely down that I would have the look I was going for. NOT ME!!!!! Anyway, this was another awful haircut to add to the list. Or you could be kind and try one of the other hairdressers.

Hair Stylists Beauty Salons Barbers. Website Directions Services More Info. Short Cut. Website Directions. Sean Donaldson Hair Salon. Website Directions Services. Serge Renard Salon 1. Very nice people and very comfortable. Ray's Barber Shop And Hairstyling 4. Illusion's Hair Boutique Remy Hair. Hair Stylists Beauty Salons. Elegance Hair Design. Angela Meadows Hair. Ladys Hair We Go 1.

Bless Unisex. Dominicin Sister. Sunflower Hair Studio. Inside the restaurant, families fill the booths. The staff is efficient, pleasant and too busy to talk politics. Every day I live that dream I could only imagine when I was in Mexico. You make of your life what you put into it. No one should feel entitled; no one should feel discouraged. You get up, you work, you come home to your family.

Yes, this election has been tough, but no matter who wins, I believe we will all come together.

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A striking, petite black woman, Nelson has streaks of burgundy highlighting her shoulder-length hair. I have black, Hispanic and white clientele. I vote on who best shares my values.

As a businesswoman, I know that is not the Democrats, and as a Christian, certainly not. The entertainment part of it draws you in, but the sideshow nature of their behaviors turns me off.

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She voted for Obama but is disappointed that he failed to unite the country. She worries that no one has a solution for dying cities and towns. It is rundown, filled with crime and has no businesses, no hope. There is this dividing line, of hope here and despair there. Bells peal at noon at Iowa State University in Ames, as thousands of students change classes on a warm, breezy day.

Courtney Henken sits with her laptop on a Starbucks patio, her back to the crowd. Henken, 20, is majoring in human development to become a family-child-life specialist. I go back every year and visit them, and thank them. Kara Cipperley joins Henken at the table. Lily Petersen, 19, a Colorado native and psychology major, was a Carly Fiorina fan when the former high-tech executive competed in the Republican primary.

Now she vacillates among Trump, Clinton and not voting. Nothing is about issues. And those attitudes have creeped into society. That is why I have given up Facebook and Twitter and everything else. People are like that online all of the time. At the end of a long week, Tom Williams sits with his cattle hands in the kitchen of his ranch in Chappell. Outside, hundreds of cattle graze on 86 of the 15, acres he owns. He uses technology, science and a keen business sense to run his feedlot; he explains in detail how he handles the cattle, isolating them if one gets sick with E.

But I go to big college football games; you sit in a stadium of , people and you worry.

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He served in the military for six years, he adds, and that awareness of threats never goes away. Williams employs seven people full-time plus his son; his wife keeps the books. Nino Talamantez, 49, his top ranch hand, moved here from Texas.

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